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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Hello Everyone! 

I understand the disappointment, if you're angry go ahead and take out your anger if you'd like.

I'm undergoing some drastic changes in my life that I'll probably not be able to say until I officially publish my "replacement" blog. I've been working really hard on my new blog site and hope that you all love it. My original plan was to mention it and give a nice warning about the reasoning of me not being able to write on this blog. Unfortunately, my account had been hacked and I had to figure things out. I had to make another E-mail and in order to retrieve this one I had to go through quite a bit (something I wouldn't have struggled with if I would have had my number as an emergency contraception to retrieve my E-mail and password).

Also those updates of my life will really be drastic so please be patient.

So far here's a sneak peak of subject of what you'll see in my new blog once I publish it which I'm hoping is soon. I do apologize for not being on here as often as I had wished. One thing is certain, I love doing this and doubt I'll ever stop.

  • Gallery of my artwork
  • DIY Section
  • Life updates
  • Small gaming reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Art videos
Sorry one more time.
Thank you for those who have stayed!
Till next time!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 2

Guess what guys!! Things are making an unexpected turn to my favor! Say what?!

So I know I've been slacking a bit. I was sticking to the challenge I promise! (I guess now what I have to stick to is my blogging schedule,huh?) The thing is A LOT of things happened! I know I will get into it so if you'd like you can just skip down to the drawings below.

First of all, I'm not working in the mornings anymore! I'm working night shifts now which means it's a little bit more time consuming, I'm leaving the house earlier which means less time on internet, and I'm not counter anymore! Whoop, Whoop! Well I technically still am sometimes, but I'm moving on to decorator! Yessss I'm still so excited! I was actually decorator all by myself one day last week, ugh I was dying though. Oh, I guess I haven't explained what I'm decorating, they're cakes! Hopefully, I get a raise, I feel like that'd help me with my hobby necessities. I'm kind of scared though, I don't know if I should ask for one, or I automatically get it you know? Oh and I convinced my boss to hire my best friend, talk about trying to take advantage of the place.

Second of all, the family problems are still here! It was to the point where I was going to leave the house. Yes, completely move out. I honestly don't want to get into details so I'll leave it at that!

Third of all, OH my precious YouTube! I can't get enough! Seriously, it seems like I'm addicted to this website more and more. I've been doing research on a few things like some art channels and DIY clothes channels. They're inspiring me to make my own in the future! Of course, after I get money to actually buy the materials. *Sigh*

Now on to the good part! (Beware the quality sucks for these)

Day 8: Favorite Animated Character

This one was really hard to pick. I've watched many shows in my life and trying to pick just one animated character makes life hard. The best next thing to do was narrow my options down. I wanted it to be something modern that kind of shows what I'm into at the moment, and at the same time a character I would never get tired of. I know this is going to sound ridiculous but another factor to the character I chose is because animated= anime. I know, I know self-explanatory. It clicked in my head though and I liked the idea of picking it from an anime. Here is Saitama! (from One Punch Man)

Day 9: Favorite TV Show

I don't watch TV! What?!?! Thankfully, I have a boyfriend who does and he had told me about this amazing show. That's right, Steven Universe! I fell in love with it and watch it on an app. I tried to do my own version or style of it, but I consider it a failure. I'll try again in the future and of course I'll share it with ya'll!

Day 10: Favorite Candy

Do you remember those little butterscotch and cinnamon candies they used to give out when you were smaller? Those candies your grandmother would always have? Well, those are my favorite! Pretty lame if I may say so myself, but I love their burst of flavor. So because they're so simple, I did this drawing for it. Hmm, don't know if upset at the fact that my imagination sucks or that my favorite candy is lame.

Day 11: Turning point in your life

This one was a little hard to draw in my perspective. Not because I couldn't draw it, but because I honestly didn't want to. As you all may know, the turning point in my life was when my father passed away. I'll leave it at that, sorry!

Day 12: Most Recent Accomplishment

I should've taken a picture of my dying hand for this one! No I am not exaggerating! Recently I got promoted to cake decorator and it may sound like an easy job, but it is not. Well it is easy, but I did not think that it would hurt so much! The icing is so hard in the bags and once you have to do more than 15 cakes my finger is purple! I'm a frail and skinny person to them apparently, but I get the job done! I feel I just need to get used to it a bit. After all, I did start off suddenly and my hands aren't used to it. My hand is actually swollen as I type this. :( That was actually one of the main factors why my drawings have been so lazy. I just can't even. 

Day 13: Comic

Lame comic time! I have this small sketchbook, by small I mean, I can't draw a whole comic on a page. Guess what I did? I fit a comic on a page. Something small and simple. I completely forgot that a comic didn't have to be complicated and I could've made something smaller. *sigh*

Day 14: Favorite Fairy tale

I love Rapunzel! When I was little I had dreams of having long amazing hair, and I always loved the look they'd give the towers in children books. Of course my mom always killed that dream by cutting my hair in a bob. I tried something new out I picked up from Rambutan Illustration on YouTube. She usually cuts them out, but my idea was to give myself a smaller frame to work with and I loved it! You'll be seeing these more often now, it makes things easier for me.

Here's a video of hers on YouTube if you'd like to check her out! She also has a Patreon and I'm sure she'd love the support!

Till next time!

Monday, January 11, 2016

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Week 1

For once I have been able to keep up (barely)! Who else wants to celebrate with me? Woop. Woop!

Hopefully I continue to finishing my challenge in which I have struggled. Yes, Struggled. It was harder than I thought, to actually plan something out in my head and think about the topic as well as the common sense in whether I could draw it or not.

So far I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I feel as though I haven't put as much effort in my drawings as I'm supposed to. I mean I told myself that I knew I wasn't going to make it that far because of the fact that I have a limited imagination. So far. Thankfully my imagination has started to kick in but always at the wrong moments. For example, at night when I know I won't bring out my laptop and type for my upcoming post or when I know I just won't bring out the fancy materials. why I ended up with most of them being sketches. And by most of them I mean all of them except one. (Shame on me)

Anyways, let's go ahead and go on to the first one.

Day 1: Self-Portrait

This is as close as I'll ever get. For one reason or another I just can't make it look like me. The hair is probably the only thing that does have something in common with me. Oh by the way I think I forgot to mention long ago that I cut my hair during the summer. I know months ago and irrelevant, but I wanted to mention it since in the drawing I drew myself with short hair.

Day 2: Favorite Animal

Yes, I love kittens, kittens, and more kittens. However I did not know how to draw one. I still don't know till this moment and I'm going off of mere sketches to figure it out. I also love mermaids and I know mermaids aren't an animal but I thought it'd be cute to fuse it with my favorite animal. And so that is how I ended up with my kitty mermaid. I thought it was absolutely adorable.

Day 3: Favorite Place

At first I couldn't decide on an actual place that I loved. Maybe because I don't particularly like or love a place I believe. So I ended up with something corny and simple, but at the same time it describes my life right now and what makes me feel good. It's my favorite place for that reason.

Day 4: Favorite Food

Technically this isn't my favorite food, but it was simple and something I loved eating. Honestly, I suck at these things. I never actually have a favorite anything on my list.

Day 5: Best Friend

Ughhhhhhhh. I love my best friend but I just didn't manage to capture her beauty. (Sadness takes over TT.TT ) I still tried though and it ended up like something like this. I loved the funky border I gave it considering we're both really weird. I stole her pic from her social media but I realized her face is longer and I drew her with a short face. It makes her look chubbier when she's not. So I screwed up. Still wanted to share it though.

Day 6: Favorite Book

Like I mentioned before it technically isn't my favorite book, but I don't have a favorite so I took one of the ones I really enjoyed reading. This book, Secrets to the Grave, is so mysterious and creepy and I loved reading every page of it. I drew this character trying to imagine what the little girl in the book would look like, which I'm going to spoil no more, but I'm fairly disappointed on how bad she turned out.

Day 7: Favorite Movie

The Corpse Bride is life!! Omg the movie is so fun to watch and it just brings out so many different emotions on you. I won't spoil it just in case you haven't watched it, but it's oh so great!

Well that's it for week 1! Hopefully week two will come sooner than this one did!
Till next time!