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Friday, July 17, 2015


I´m on vacation. Supposedly...

Well things haven´t gotten any better if  I must say so myself.

Just letting you know I´m not safe but I will be happy the short time I´m here in Mexico. Glad and excited to go back and get a job to save for college. I will not let myself get depressed this time.

I´ll try anyways. Just stating the fact that family matters are getting worse and I will be in a 12 hour trip tomorrow. Wish me luck!

My Life Update

Okay, so first thing's first, this is an update of my life because how in the world would it be possible to make a post at 10:24 p.m. about my entire life? Nope, no way possible unless I stayed up all night and that's a no no for me.

Special thanks to my motivator Kyle. :)

Yes I had to add a smiley face to that because if anything makes me smile more it's reading a nice comment. Seriously though.

There's so many things to say right now that I don't even have words for, but something I'm positive everyone should no is that I get irritated and stressed easily. If there is anything that makes it worse it's a good disappointment after being stressed, now that makes me so mad to the point of crying. Well, that happened today. I received such a big disappointment with such little and pathetic words that make me feel so weak and vulnerable. I don't like feeling weak and vulnerable. Time for the big story again... *sigh* I believe I exaggerate sometimes but nothing's wrong when stating your point of view.

Well, there´s the anxiety I get sometimes when I´m out and about on my own business but it really doesn´t help when it comes to real life experiences. I´m stressed about almost everything and things I shouldn´t be stressing about.

I want to go ahead and let my readers know that I officially failed to get into college first semester. Although I had good grades in high school and graduated on top 25% of my class I feel like an idiot. Didn´t have the money to pay my visits and didn´t have the time either. This post was actually supposed to be posted about two weeks ago but I couldn´t post it.

Here´s what happened. My uncle´s (who is like my father and brings us to Mexico) son wanted to see his father since he lives in New York so they were supposed to meet up over here in Mexico. So we had to leave in a hurry because my uncle had vacation days starting the day he got the message so we left in a hurry that night. No, I did not have my luggage ready. When do I?

So we left and we arrived just in time for my cousins graduation to which I had not slept at all for. Yep dark circles and under eye bags was just the thing I needed for a party. Just to get a call later that my uncle´s son had twisted his foot playing soccer and would not be able to come. There´s a lot of fights with the family and I end up in between them and for some strange reason I must forgive them all but none have forgiven me apparently. Everyone has ignored me at some point that I have been here.

I´m just hoping that everything will get better. I don´t like being in this. Just let it end and get it over with already then you can ignore me all you want.