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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

5 Misconceptions About Love

My Boyfriend:
How long have I been with my boyfriend you ask?
I've been with him for a year and nine months and I've known him for three years.

A mature adult would probably say I'm just getting started. Teenagers, however, would say I've been with him for a really long time. There's a lot of misconceptions about love, too many to be exact. Just when do we know if we're in love exactly? I believe that if everyone could they would already be with their "chosen one", if they knew who it was.


#1: Love is being happy all the time.

Stop. Just stop right there. There is no way on Earth a person can be happy at all times... especially not with another certain someone standing right next to you. It's just twice as worse because it hurts even more when you're in love and something makes you mad about them. Trust me, there will be those times where you just want to slap your significant other because you just can't stand something they do. Guess what though? They most likely will hate something you do too! So it really works out in the end if you have patience for the other person. Patience is le key to everything.

#2: He/She will never leave you.

So you want to be with your significant other at all times? Not happening. He's going to have a job and she might have one as well. He's going to have things to do and she might have things to do as well. A 24/7 relationship just seems kind of harsh, it's not like you're going to be facetiming him from the restroom. Haha...creepy. I doubt anyone wants that kind of relationship and although I may be exaggerating even those couples who think they'll never be separated, think again! You never really know when something will come up that'll draw a line between you two. Don't worry though, if the love is real it won't be for good. A little break doesn't hurt anybody, right? And if it does, well it just wasn't love bro.

#3: Friends will love your happiness.

If you're one of the lucky ones where your friends would do anything to see you and your loved one together keep them! A best friend is the most precious relationship to have but it's not as breath-taking when they're not doing anything to support you. Many, and I mean MANY friends get jealous. Not the small little "ugh I hate when he touches you like that" kind of jealous. I mean the "I definitely saw him with that b***h the other day at the store when he told you he was with his friends" kind of friend. If you have that kind of friend, run! Unless you know them for being honest...if not, I wouldn't really even consider anything they say on the fact.

#4: Everything is not always Cinderella.

I don't really know why you'd want a love story like Cinderella but hey, if that's your thing go ahead. Well things won't always be good is basically what I'm trying to get at. You might not end up rich and have "horse mice" but there is a pretty big chance you can still be happy. Nothing will be perfect and that's what makes a relationship seem like a quest. A quest where you're trying to find what will make things right and what won't and if they're worth it or not.

#5: Your relationship will take time.

No you can't marry the guy you just met. Well, I consider it to be in a thinking manner that we all have which is unique that you decide for your future well being. One day relationship doesn't seem like a really smart one to me. As a good friend of mine said, " Patience is the key" to everything. There where always be that one pesky thing that you won't like about each other, but not just because of it should you give up. Tolerance will be needed to deal with " your other half." It's definitely not something you need to wait years for, in some cases it takes years to learn about each other, but it takes way longer to learn about each other than one day. Just make sure to keep that in mind.

I chose to do this article because, where is the love?

Now back to me.

Because apparently I can't stop talking about myself. I just wanted to state the fact that I've felt terrible for the past few days. I don't necessarily find my inner peace. I consider things a waste of time when indeed the time is being wasted. I'm weird but I want to accept myself and I find that really hard to do in a world that is always shaming others. People, not world, sorry world I know it's not your fault I feel terrible. If anything what has been depressing me more and more is not the fact that I'm growing, but I'm growing alone and quite distasteful. I know I have not been the best and I don't think my destiny is planning on doing so any time soon. The time will come where my sincerity will turn in apologies and my apologies will turn into forgiveness. That is what I am hoping on for now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Drawing a character for Someone Else

There's a certain someone I know that is in love with a new character from the newest version to come out of Fire Emblem.

Yep, that's right, her name is Aqua.
And yes she is gorgeous.
And yes she has blue hair.
How much better could it get?

I don't know, you tell me?

Of course I couldn't help myself so I went ahead and started drawing. Let me just say that copying something exactly as it is just by looking at it is hard especially when doing it to a different scale. This is what I have so far!

Close enough?

Surprisingly though I haven't had time to draw! I know crazy considering the fact that I'm not going to school anymore. So many things have happened in just one week and it's crazy! First of all let me start by saying that if my school would have had my final transcript by the day they promised I would have been gone to Mexico and would have made my posts over there. They promised them on the 16th and they won't have mines until tomorrow June the 24th. Great just great. Also the orientation that is required for me as a freshman in college has not been payed for yet! Why? Because when I was going to pay for it yesterday the page was down! Not only that but I'm having relationship problems. How worse could everything get? Terrible luck I've had so far.

First of all, I'm leaving in a week! Yes, I'm leaving to Mexico to visit my grandmother and family over there! So I've been going out shopping a lot for the kittens I'm going to leave behind and the food I have to bring in the journey. Not only food of course, also clothes and the tickets needed to go!

Thing is, how will I stay in touch? So I've decided to make a blog post everyday starting today so people have something to see. If they see this. Time  to save up money and buy a camera though because something terrible happened. My IPod broke yesterday! The same one I used to take pictures and work on my blog. I'm so sad because I have no money and no job so I have no way to fix this whatsoever. Time to start applying not only to college but job sites as well, eh?

Hope everyone has been having fun lately!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Keeping up

I've been thinking about my blog all week. Seriously, and it's surprising that I didn't have the same urge I had to open my blog like I did all the time.

Am I getting detached?

I doubt it. I just feel like I don't want to annoy my readers and fill them with unneeded information, or babble on my life all the time. I mean, nobody likes that right? So I thought it was about time I made another post. I made this realization probably three days ago. Great. Seems like it's all going well.

Reason why I didn't make a post was because I had no ideas. NONE. I even went online and searched for some and did my research but they all seemed too advanced for me. How much of a loser can I be? So I decided to give myself some free time and if I ever did come up with something I would write it down. I now have what I will name "The Blog Book" which is basically a small notebook where I will write blog info and ideas.

Ooooh, interesting. (What a great name Maria)

For now I have decided to give myself a drawing challenge everyday that I hope to keep up with. My inspiration for today's drawing was the fact that I had no idea for my blog topic and the fact that I'm bad at side profile face drawing. Here's how it started.

Woo!! Ying Yang. 
Has anyone ever closed their eyes really tight to the point where you see little colorful figures moving with a black background? Yep, this is how I imagined it even though it's not as complex. That's why her eyes are closed and she's thinking. Probably not blog ideas but at least she's not stressing.

Not done and needs some work, but eh.

Here's to the lack of attention to my drawing practice and blog! Cheers!
Time to keep up again and improve.

Voila! The finished product!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dress Cut Outs?

It has been a while hasn't it? I find apologizing unfitting when I've seen bloggers post only once like every week and honestly I feel like I need to be apologizing to myself. Yep, you heard that right, to myself.

Well, not only do I feel like I haven't accomplished anything, but I also feel like I could of done WAY better. If there's one thing I'm proud of is the fact that the reason I was so busy was because I've been tired of wearing some darn heels all day. I know, terrible excuse and many girls do it on the daily, but I don't. Reason for having to be dressed all fancy was to receive my Culinary Arts medal and my Top 25% of the class rope to wear at graduation.

I felt miserable at the same time though. I'm used to being at the top, I failed in a lot of stuff in my high school years that I hope I can fix in college. Even though to be honest half the people who were above me copy off my paper on the daily. Like, really? You ask me the dumbest questions and you don't know how to do anything but your cheating skills got you up there? Wow. You should be so proud.

Anyways... TO THE DIY!

I have this dress I got on sale at JcPenny's at around Christmas time that I have NEVER worn. Never. I thought that should change this summer so I decided to refashion my clothes and hopefully I can keep up and do one each week. This dress had cost me $6...seriously. My only problem was that it was so plain and the design was throughout the whole dress and I don't like that. I feel like one of those Christmas presents that have a little character in the same pose and background throughout the whole packaging. Ugh, I hate it.

My smile is more like trying not to laugh.
(still not used to taking pics for blog)

It's green by the way, just stating the fact that my lighting sucks. This dress would be so cute if it was fitted correctly and had a little break from the pattern. The neckline is pretty low and the pencil height of the dress just makes it obvious I'm not meant for long dresses. I love how the fabric feels so I decided to do cutouts to take away from the pattern and add a pop to it. It was my first time so bare with me! 

I thought a little bit of it had to be taking away so I went ahead and searched for inspiration in order to continue with this project. My inspiration was to make some cutouts along the bottom to show a little more leg, give it a sexier but not slutty look. ;) I believe cutouts can be classy too.
I started by cutting off triangles along side each other backwards to make an Aztec type figure. It took some time but it was worth it. 
Side note: It's frustrating to forget what side triangle is next.

My inspiration (that neckline though)
Cutting through! (Time consuming with errors!)
I loved how the bottom looked and I only ended up doing the front because I got lazy, oh and I don't like my butt to be uncovered so I left it alone at the back so my bum has more protection. *sigh* Problems of being self conscious. There's only one small problem...

Final product! (still simple though)
The dress is still pretty plain and calls too much attention to the pattern, what should I do? Tell me, oh wise and fellow human beings. Your help would benefit and help my creativity grow as fast as I wish my hair would grow! My idea is I want to take a section out of the neckline or waist area, nothing big but noticeable. Hope you enjoyed some of my creativity, I kind of just did this on a whim. Crazy right?

 I know I am.