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Saturday, October 31, 2015


I got the flu! I think, well I'm positively sure I'm sick on that part. There goes my Halloween, but not only that, I also have to work today. Ugh....Sniffling, coughing, bones and muscles hurting, red eyes, and sweaty body. Ah yes, I definitely wanted to work today.

For now I've still been working on my other website. It's coming along nicely and will hopefully be more organized, right? I've been catching up on my drawings like I promised.


  1. Hey there,
    Sorry to hear that you have gotten sick. I hope that you could at least have had a nice Halloween at home then.
    It's nice to hear from you again, and great that you are still progressing on your drawings and website. If you have gotten better, tell me more about what is going on in your life, a short update like this is wonderful, but I want to hear more about you, make sure you are not going crazy, or even dead yet. :>

    Sorry for the late reply,
    -- Kyle

  2. I had to work sick on Halloween night because the only counter person other than me, my coworker, called in. So not only did I have to work, but I had to do it by myself. xD It was terrible, it was so full of people because it was halloween night and it rained so they ALL went to the mall. And who works in the mall? Me. I'm actually working on a new blog post right now. Well, I'm not dead. I will add a link to my deviant art account if you want to stay updated with my drawings. I'll try and be more updated with my life as well.

    Thank you for still being there for me,

  3. Hey, are you still there? I am worried that you have fallen off the face of the Earth and can't find your way back up. Just wanted to check in with you, it has been a while, and well.... I miss you. I wanted to read more about your stories, but I can't read any if you don't write.

    Anyway, hope to hear from you soon,