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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Picking Myself Back Up

CRAP. I didn't realize how long it had been since I've last posted on here. Want me to be honest? No? I'll tell you anyways. I-GAVE-UP.

Yes you heard that right, I gave up. That simple. I thought to myself that this was a waste a time and that I gained nothing from it, and it's true I don't, well physically. Let me explain.

I forgot all the emotion I would put into a blog post such as this one, I forgot of the excitement I felt when I saw someone commented on my blog post, I forgot of the way how stressful it is for me to worry about my English and grammar skills, or the way my emotional stress is kind of lifted off my shoulders when I blog. I sincerely am hating myself right now for the fact that I thought that way.

Who else thinks I was wrong! (Go ahead and bash me out in the comment section.)

Well, now that I have admitted my wrong doing I will actually compensate. Want to know why I'm not unintentionally lying in this one? I ACTUALLY have someone I know that will scold me if I don't continue on this anymore. I love that too. They know who they are! (Special shout out)

Stop with the excuses, time to really work, I'm feeling motivated. Let's get this baby running again.

Oh, also, here's a little something proving that at least I haven't stopped drawing.

Sorry the pink looks wrong, but it was my first four Copic Sketch Markers!!!! I was so excited I literally used it all up and the ink was running out, which is why it has so many streaks. (And yes I only got four markers because they're expensiiiveeee!)

The things I do for love.

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  1. Hey there, it is good to hear that you have come back. I am sorry that you had given up, but it is wonderful to hear that you have picked it back up and that you are motivated again. It's too bad that you ran out of ink, but at least you were able to finish it off at the end of the piece (and not when he was half inked). Anyway, keep up the good work, as for what to do next, I vote for everything, lots of everything. I enjoy reading what you put out, so keep on.

    I support you,
    -- Kyle

  2. Thank you! I'm sorry if I disappointed you in the time being. I'm definitely motivated now! It's sad I can't buy more for the time being, but I'll work my hardest so I'll be able to.I know right, thankfully the ink lasted me for him to look decent. Again, thank you for still being there for me. Don't worry you'll get lots once I get my first off day in the week. That's all I'm waiting on.

    Millions of thanks,